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3d Diya template

Diya is a small earthen which is lit during the Hindu festival of Diwali,the wick is made out of cotton,and either oil or ghee is used.This is a 3d photo template of the Diya.

3d Shri Yantra

The Shri Yantra, represents the Goddess Laxmi, it is made of nine interlocking triangles which radiate out of the centre known as the Bindu.The Shri Yantra represents abundance in life. It is a very important symbol in the Hindu Religion.

3d portraits of gayatri saraswati mahalaxmi

Gayatri,Mahalaxmi and Saraswati are important Goddesses for most Hindus,these are 3d portraits which i have made.

Portrait of Ganesha

This is Portrait of 5 images of Ganesha the popular Hindu God

Hindu Gods

These are images of Hindu Gods,with 3d effects,artwork and Photo Cards. IMAGES OF GANESHA IMAGES OF GANESHA 2 3D GANESHA 3D GANESHA CLIP ART PHOTO CARDS OF LORD SHIVA PHOTO CARDS OF LORD SHIVA-2 Slideshow of Ganesha GANESHA ARTWORK 3d artwork Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Shiva Shani Dev Gayatri Devi 3d templates Portrait of Ganesha 3d portraits of gayatri saraswati mahalaxmi Rama Krishna 3d Template 3d Dattatreya template 3d images of shiva 3d images of Hanuman 3d template of kali 3d Template of Mahalaxmi 3d Ganesha 1 Photos of Vaishnodevi temple 3d Photoframes of Ganesha 3d images of Kedarnath Related articles Ganesh Chalisa English Hindi ( Shiva Chalisa-hindi English ( Santoshi Chalsia English Hindi ( Durga Chalisa English Hindi (

Raja Ravi Verma

Raja Ravi Verma,April 29 1848--October 2 1908 was probably one the greatest painters,i have featured some of his paintings,efforts will be made to feature the entire collection. RAJA RAVI VERMA INDIAN GODS RAJA RAVI VARMA ON INDIAN WOMEN BEST OF RAJA RAVI VERMA- WOMEN

Book of Kells Calander

This is calender i have made out of images from the book of Kells,this calender is for the year 2010.

3d images of Shankha

The Shankha is the emblem of Vishnu,the protector in Hinduism.It Ia used as a trumpet in Hindu ceremonies,These are 3d images of the Shankha which i have made.

3d photos of Shivling

Shivling is a very important symbol in Hinduism.It is regarded as the symbol of Shiva in whom all of creation exists.These are 3d artwork photos of the Shivling which i have made.

3d Swastika photo cards-2

These are some more 3d photo cards which i have made of the Hindu Religious symbol the Swastika.

3d swastika photo cards

The Swastika or स्वस्तिक in Sanskrit,is a popular and common Hindu Religious symbol which is used in religious ceremonies and festivals.I have created 3d photo cards of the Swastikas.

3d templates of OM

These are 3d templates of the absolute in Hinduism OM,the universal energy or the infinite.

3d artwork om

These are 3d artwork i have created of OM the universal sound in Hinduism.OM is the absolute reality.

Shiva Shani Dev Gayatri Devi 3d templates

These are 3d photo card templates i have created of the Hindu Deities Shiva,Shani Dev and Gayatri Devi

3d artwork Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

These are 3D Image I have made of photos of BRAHMA,VISHNU and MAHESH,which are the three forces the Creative,Protective and Destructive which control everything in the Universe. BRAHMA VISHNU MAHESH