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3d images of Kedarnath temple

Kedarnath in Uttarakhand is one of the most sacred of the Hindu temples.It is a most sought after place of pilgrimage.These are 3d images of the Kedarnath temple which I have created.

3d images of Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash in Tibet is one of the holiest places of pilgrimage for Hindus.It is said to be home of Shiva,the place of the ultimate destination in life.These are 3d images of Mount Kailash Related articles by ZemantaShri Badrinath Aarti-English Hindi (

3d Photo frame of Om-Diya

This is a 3d photo frame of the Hindu religious symbol Om which is the universal sound and Diya the eternal light of God. Related articles by ZemantaSurya Dev Aarti English-Hindi ( Maa Aarti English -Hindi 1 ( Mochan Hanuman Aashtak English-Hindi (

3d Photoframes of Ganesha

These are Photo Frames of the popular Hindu God of Knowledge and beginning of everything in life Ganesha.

Photos of Vaishnodevi temple

Vaishnodevi temple is situated at an altitude of about 5200 feet in the mountains of Vaishnodevi,about 12 kilometers from the town of Katra in Jammu and Kashmir.Maata Vaishnodevi is considered as the mother Goddess,and the temple is one of the most visited and popular centres of pilgrimage in India.
Jai Vaishnodevi Maa

Vaishnodevi Entrance

Vaishnodevi Bhavan

Bhairav mandir

Vaishnodevi maa


3d Ganesha 1

Here are some more 3d images of the popular Hindu God Ganesha or Ganapati,worshipped as the God of all beginnings,it is said if you pray to Ganesha first at the beginning of a prayer,that prayer will be answered.

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3d Template of Mahalaxmi

Mahalaxmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth,prosperity,and a life free from misery and poverty.Mahalaxmi is also prayed to for the acquisition of fertility,beauty,grace and charm.This is the Mahalxmi template along with the Hindu religious symbol of the universal energy OM,and the Shri.Yantra.

3d template of kali

Kali is the Hindu Goddess who symbolises the eternal energy.Kali means the colour black,which is the colour of Kala,or time,death or the unknown.Kali is said to be the energy behind Shiva.The worship of Kali is extremely important in tantric practices. This is a 3d template of the Goddess Kali along with Om which symbolises the eternal and the Kali tantra.

3d images of Hanuman

Hanuman is the popular Hindu God,who symbolises strength,confidence,courage and devotion amongst other qualities,The worship of Hanuman with devotion lead to strengthening these qualities in the devotee.
These are some 3d images of Hanuman which i have made.

3d images of shiva

These are some 3d images of the Hindu God Shiva which i have created,the photos are from the commons but the artwork is my own.

3d sun template

The Sun called Surya in Hinduism,is the most important of the planets,it is the divine light,the representative of infinity which is visible to all.This is a 3d template of the Sun which i have made.

3d images of chakra sounds

These are 3d images of the unique sounds associated with the seven chakras.The sounds have no meaning attached to the ,but they energise the seven chakras.