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3d images of shiva

These are some 3d images of the Hindu God Shiva which i have created,the photos are from the commons but the artwork is my own.

3d sun template

The Sun called Surya in Hinduism,is the most important of the planets,it is the divine light,the representative of infinity which is visible to all.This is a 3d template of the Sun which i have made.

3d images of chakra sounds

These are 3d images of the unique sounds associated with the seven chakras.The sounds have no meaning attached to the ,but they energise the seven chakras. THE SAHASARA THE AJNA CHAKRA VISHUDDHA CHAKRA ANAHATA CHAKRA THE MANIPURA CHAKRA SWADHISTHANA CHAKRA MULDHARA CHAKRA

om namo narayanaya images

Om namo narayanaya,is the Mantra for the Hindu God Narayana,the 3d images are made by me.

om namah shivay images

Om namah shivay is the Mantra dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva,these are 3d images of this most popular mantra made by me.

om gam ganapataye namaha images

Om gam ganapataye namaha is a popular Hindu Mantra dedicated to the Hindu God Ganesha or Ganapati,these are 3d images which i have made.

3d Dattatreya template

Dattatreya is the God in Hinduism who contains the trinity of Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh,this is a 3d template of images of the same photo.

3d Om template 2

This is a 3d template of the Hindu religious symbol Om,spelled as Aum

3d Om template 1

This is a 3d template of Om,the Hindu religious symbol,with the symbols written in English

Rama Krishna 3d Template

Shri.Rama and Shri. Krishna are the avatars of Vishnu and amongst the most popular Gods in Hinduism.The Mantra given is also very popular and instant results are achieved if said with devotion.

3d Swastika template

Swastika is a very popular Hindu Religious symbol,these are various 3d images of the Swastika in artwork template form